A Colourful Pair of Shorts

Here are reviews for two great short stories that traverse a couple of different realms. Wherever your literary sensibilities lie you should find something to enjoy! More


Do Androids Dream? by Maureen Turner (@Booksbymaureen)

The Nikoto MH1 was the next big thing in Artificial Intelligence, an android so lifelike that it could easily be mistaken for human. Asked by her Robotics expert husband to help naturalise ‘Nick’s’ speech, Sarah Pettifer embarked upon a journey that would change her and her life irrevocably. More

Gray Justice by Alan McDermott (@Jambalian)

Tom Gray’s world had fallen apart. But whose fault was it? Was it the mindless criminal who stole the car? Or was it the fault of the society that created him? No matter, someone had to pay. It was time for justice Tom had decided. Justice for him, for his wife and son, justice for all and nobody was going to stand in his way. More

Appendix Z by Ray Duchene (@RMDuchene)

When the power went, everyone thought that thing would be back to normal quickly.  Little did newly recruited Army Specialist Anderson suspect and his colleagues suspect that things would never be the same again. More

Shadow By C. S. Dixon

Since the accident things just hadn’t been the same. The brain trauma David had suffered had changed him. David’s mind, personality, indeed his whole world had been subtly altered. Now someone or something terrible was stalking him. Was he going mad or was it something much, much worse. More

Dead Spit by Cary Smith

The mean streets of Lincoln hide a secret. Young women are being killed and it is up to Craig Darke and his team to unravel the mystery and bring the murderer to justice. More

Angel Breaths by Sherrie Lowe

From the spirit world Angelique and her sisters watch over those who mean most to them on Earth. Here in the mortal world Leah and Michelle have very different but equally heart rending pasts. In this story the two worlds merge and we are taken on a journey of tragedy and triumph as seen through the eyes of an angel, a guardian angel. More

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