The Prince and the Pixie by Charity Parkerson

Poor Tam has been separated from the love of her life. Ex-Zombie Freddie apparently deserted her for no good reason. Tam is ready to give up on him but Guardian Angel, Thomas has other ideas. He also has ideas about the beautiful and enigmatic Katrina. Ideas that would make most of us mere mortals blush. This is the beautifully crafted sequel to The Sexy & the Undead (part 2 of the Sexy Witches series.). This book helps to cement Ms Parkerson’s reputation as one of the finest independent authors around.

There is something in the way that Charity writes that engages you from the very first sentence. No need to hang around for the old ‘suspension of disbelief’ to take hold. You immediately know that the other worldly characters that inhabit the books of this series are totally real. What makes them so appealing is that despite their magical or enchanted appearance and abilities, they share our human flaws and emotional frailties. This makes them totally relatable and therefore utterly believable.

The ‘through the barricades’ love story of Tam and Freddie is equally believable. It is very well told and its ultimate resolution is both engaging and satisfying. Although it may difficult to imagine that Angels really have ANY problems, Thomas’ plight is well described and dealt with a tenderness that betrays the author’s compassion and sensitivity. The final conclusion of Thomas’ story is a real gift to those of us who love ‘twists’.

Once again Charity manages the erotic elements that are integral to her writing with style and grace. It always compliments the tale and is never at the expense of the story telling. From Tam’s (who is, incidentally, becoming one of my favourite literary heroines) off hand innuendo to the very explicit scenes between the characters, the sexual content never feels awkward or contrived.

I read The Pixie directly after finishing The Sexy & the Undead without even putting down my Kindle and, if I am honest, it did feel as if they were two parts of the same book. I cannot be sure as I am enjoying this series so much but I think I would have liked to have seen them as one volume. I will reserve judgement on that issue until I have read the The Wizard & the Wanton. However, I do wish to emphasise that this would be a personal preference and not an actual criticism of the work. It’s just that I tend to prefer longer works.

This is a marvellous story set in a magnificent world and if you have enjoyed any of Charity’s other work, you will not be disappointed. If you have not read something by this great writer then you are REALLY missing out. Five stars without question.




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