Gray Justice by Alan McDermott (@Jambalian)

Tom Gray’s world had fallen apart. But whose fault was it? Was it the mindless criminal who stole the car? Or was it the fault of the society that created him? No matter, someone had to pay. It was time for justice Tom had decided. Justice for him, for his wife and son, justice for all and nobody was going to stand in his way.

This is an incredibly well told and well written story. It is totally gripping from beginning to end. You will be hard pressed to find a better thriller anywhere. Certainly James Paterson and Lee Child cannot afford to rest on their laurels. Classically styled, it has all the elements you would expect from a thriller, and more.

The fast-moving narrative is consistent throughout and you cannot wait to see what happens next. All of the action sequences are well described and thoroughly convincing, as well as totally entertaining. All the characters are expertly drawn and the main ones develop well throughout the story.

The storylines are equally well developed as the story progresses. They intersect at just the right points and are deftly woven together as they move towards the final resolution. Indeed all of the structural components of this story are cleverly assembled into an intricate, yet fabulously smooth read.

This story is firmly planted in the present and many of the references to current events and early twenty first century sensibilities made me smile knowingly. Indeed, had I not been holding my Kindle, I probably would have clapped. It is the apparent ease with which the author manages to include references to things like kindles and MPs expenses without making them seem incongruous or contrived that is so ingenious.

I feel that one of the many strengths of this book is the author’s attention to detail and extensive research. You can feel the enormous amount of work that the author has done in order to ensure that his narrative is authentic as well as entertaining. I am reluctant to say that this work is faultless but, it is as close as I have come in a long time. My only disappointment with Gray Justice is that I didn’t write it

***** Outstanding

Gray Justice


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