Can a Spell Chick Catch my Witch?

Arrrrgghh! I need a new witch. Mine puked up last night and is now laying uselessly upon the breakfast bar. “Huh,” I say to myself. “Those damn Spell Chicks never trust ‘em”.
I need to get the fire gourd to the ship before launch time. Trimming is everything and without my witch I am lost. I will be in so much trouble with the life form if the gourd is late back.

So here’s the thing. You struggle night and day to finish your work of art. You then release your labour of love to the huge, eagerly waiting hoards in cyberspace and await the praise you know your wonderfully imaginative work deserves. But, oh horror, you have not had it proof read.

Oh, in case you were worried. I took my own advice and I never trust Spell Chicks (I’m sorry, CHECKS). I got my WATCH fixed after it PACKED up. I managed to get the fire GUARD back to the SHOP before LUNCH time and my WIFE laughed FROM the moment she read this, agreeing that TIMING is, indeed, everything.

It seems obvious I know but, my recent experience tells me it’s worth mentioning, a spell checker only checks spelling.

If you are going to work so hard on these, often brilliant, literary gems, don’t take the risk. People may not bother with your stories if they are difficult to read. Out here in the ‘Interverse’ there are many, probably with less talent in their whole body than you have in just your little finger, who would post lousy reviews or attack you personally however hard you work. Don’t give them the extra rocks to hurl in your direction.

An author I know told me quite recently, “It takes a lot of courage to bare your soul to the world.” So don’t run the risk of being ignored or even ridiculed. You are worth so much more. Get a decent proof reader and don’t take a chance on being forked over.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. maureenjiturner
    Jul 31, 2013 @ 08:01:35

    You put it so humorously but the message is serious. Having been caught out myself I am of the same mind. In my case I read and re-read my manuscript, altered and corrected as needed and then got someone else to proofread too. How we both missed a small but meaningful error I do not know. Even when it was pointed out to me, my brain still put in the missing word until I read it out aloud to myself. This technique was suggested to me at my Writing Circle and it works. Wait until you’re alone and read it out aloud to yourself. Believe me you get some strange looks if you do this in company.


    • lincsdave
      Jul 31, 2013 @ 17:25:17

      That is a great technique. We home educated two of our kids until they were 13 and found it invaluable. Now my 15 year old daughter proofs loads of my stuff and gets it light most of the time 🙂


  2. susan palmer
    Jul 31, 2013 @ 17:55:49

    Ha! I got a mention…..I’m happy


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