Shadow By C. S. Dixon

Since the accident things just hadn’t been the same. The brain trauma David had suffered had changed him. David’s mind, personality, indeed his whole world had been subtly altered. Now someone or something terrible was stalking him. Was he going mad or was it something much, much worse.

This is a great short story. It is wonderfully tense and atmospheric. The writer has cleverly combined the shocks of a good horror story with the creeping menace of good ghost story. The ordinary and mundane are superbly blended with the fantastical and frightening. A technique used to great effect by one Edgar Allen Poe, (You may have heard of him.)

It is written in a very clear and accessible style and the writer uses the economy of language that is fundamental for a good short story. The subordinate characters are lightly sketched and this helps to give the tale an otherworldly feel. Scenery and scenes are well described.

All in all this is a fantastic example of the genre. If I were to be picky, I think that I would have preferred a more explicitly shock/horror moment at the end. This, however, is a purely personal preference. As with all good short stories this has the potential to expand into a much larger work. Indeed, this story had very much the same atmospheric feeling as ‘Thinner’ by Stephen King (another fella you MAY have heard of)


I thoroughly recommend this story and look forward to reading more from this author.


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