Wanted: Hexed or Alive by Charity Parkerson

This is a real gem of a short story that will quickly banish any doubts that you may have about Charity’s storytelling pedigree. It is easy to read and absolutely captivating.

Randall runs Cruz Apothecary, purveyors of fine potions, pain relievers and protective spells. He is also a wizard. As Randall prepares to shut up shop on a stormy summer’s night, the beautiful Rowena enters his shop. She is searching for a particular type of potion. It turns out that Rowena is almost the very definition of ‘a damsel in distress.’ Randall is soon drawn into Rowena’s efforts to rid herself of the attentions of an unwanted admirer: An unwanted admirer from another realm.

In the relatively few pages of this story Charity has managed to include a huge amount. Great characters, action and adventure, magic, romance and even moments of ‘laugh out loud’ humour.

The skill with which the author paints the scenery within her story is flawless. Within moments we are transported to a world within which we feel utterly comfortable and yet is largely unfamiliar. We feel entirely at home with the character’s that inhabit this world and do not doubt for a moment that they could well live but a few doors away in our own neighbourhoods.

This is a totally engrossing and entertaining tale. Oddly, it does not seem in the least far-fetched, despite its subject matter. I thought that Charity was a good writer when I reviewed, The Assignment. After reading this (a completely different genre) I know she is a ‘great’ writer. If you have not experienced her talent yet, I suggest you just get on and do it.

A magnificent short story and wonderful to read. Thank you once again, Charity.



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