The Assignment by Charity Parkerson (@charityparkerso)


This is the first in the ‘Safe Haven’ series by the Tennessee born, bestselling author. It tells the story of Caitlin Larue whose world is turned upside down when she is the victim of a seemingly motiveless kidnapping. It falls to former Police Detective Jake Lewis and his ex-partner Avery Cook to solve the mystery and save Caitlin from the increasingly deranged and desperate criminals who want her dead.

From the explosive first chapter we are treated to a proper thrill ride with all the twists and turns you could hope for. It is well paced with a great balance of action and character interaction. It is clear from the start that this story will be character led and Charity’s characters are brilliantly drawn. Unusually this is not at the expense of plot or narrative. This fusion is all the more impressive as this was the author’s first work.

I would guess that I do not fall comfortably within the author’s target demographic but I thoroughly enjoyed this work anyway. Indeed, I enjoyed it so much that, upon finishing it, I immediately read another, more recent, piece of Charity’s work. (I shall be reviewing that shortly.) More importantly, however, I enjoyed it so much that I do not have any reservations about recommending it to everyone.



5 Stars Easily. Fantastic. Thank you, Charity


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