Winter’s Blood: A Werewolf Novella by Zachary Richardson

Michael McGavin is haunted by his past. Six years after the loss of his beloved, Abigail, he is still grieving. He reluctantly accepts a Christmas invitation to his family home in Ashburg, Washington. A clash with his father on Christmas Eve, the anniversary of Abigail’s death, sends him running into the untamed woods that surround the area. A shot from a hunting rifle rings out and Michael’s life is changed forever. More


Wanted: Hexed or Alive by Charity Parkerson

This is a real gem of a short story that will quickly banish any doubts that you may have about Charity’s storytelling pedigree. It is easy to read and absolutely captivating.

Randall runs Cruz Apothecary, purveyors of fine potions, pain relievers and protective spells. He is also a wizard. As Randall prepares to shut up shop on a stormy summer’s night, the beautiful Rowena enters his shop. She is searching for a particular type of potion. It turns out that Rowena is almost the very definition of ‘a damsel in distress.’ Randall is soon drawn into Rowena’s efforts to rid herself of the attentions of an unwanted admirer: An unwanted admirer from another realm. More

Double Bind by Seb Kirby (@Seb_Kirby)

Seb Kirby has concocted a fabulous multi-genre cocktail that keeps you engrossed from beginning to end.

Raymond Bridges, moderately successful author and English Professor, Victoria Bletchley are thrust into a world where things are rarely what they appear to be and people are rarely exactly who they say they are. Against this backdrop Raymond and Victoria must outrun and outsmart their Nemesis, the many members of his newly emerging cult and even the police before it’s too late. Before we all end up paying the ultimate price for our own short-sightedness. More

The Rock by Robert Daws (@robertdaws)

The Multi-talented British actor and writer, Robert Daws has penned a deliciously gripping crime novella.

Metropolitan Police officer, Detective Tamara Sullivan has broken ‘the rules’. As a result she is ‘punished’ with a 12 week secondment to the sun-drenched British Territory of Gibraltar. (Would that all our punishments were this irksome.) There she is put to work for the irascible, yet similarly motivated and determined, Detective Inspector Gus Broderick. The pair’s skills are soon tested when the death of a young colleague drags them into a mystery that spans several generations. More

Six Miles from Nashville by Elaine Littau (@nansjourney)

Six Miles from Nashville is one of a number of stirring books from the inspirational, Texas based author, Elaine Littau. It deals with the trials and tribulations of a young lady named, Betty Barnes. When we first meet Betty she is miles away from her Oklahoma home and very, VERY pregnant. Lost, alone and extremely ill, she finds work at a diner six miles from Nashville. Here Betty sees a glimmer of hope. Perhaps she can turn things around. We are then taken on an emotional rollercoaster ride as Betty searches for forgiveness from her family, her friends, her God and, perhaps most importantly, herself. More

The Assignment by Charity Parkerson (@charityparkerso)


This is the first in the ‘Safe Haven’ series by the Tennessee born, bestselling author. It tells the story of Caitlin Larue whose world is turned upside down when she is the victim of a seemingly motiveless kidnapping. It falls to former Police Detective Jake Lewis and his ex-partner Avery Cook to solve the mystery and save Caitlin from the increasingly deranged and desperate criminals who want her dead.